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My wife and I commissioned an outdoor mahogany sculpture for Pilgrim School in Los Angeles, which was completed and installed in September 2002.  The work consists of five larger-than-life figures of children and a dog which are vividly painted in elaborate detail.  Since 2004 I have utilized Joey Wester’s services to repaint the figures as needed because of children scuffing them up while playing on them and deterioration from smog, heat/cold, wetness /dryness, and expansion/contraction of the wood caused by changes in the weather.  

Joey has been wonderful to work with and has a remarkable ability to recapture the technique and colors used by the original artist and to restore the figures to the look and feel they had when they were first installed.  I will continue to use Joey to restore the sculpture for as long as I live and expect my son to continue to utilize her services after I am gone.  I highly recommend her to others.
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Frame restoration - Frame was very old and crumbling.  Instead of purchasing new frame the client decided it would be more cost effective to have it restored.  After sanding, bonding and faux finishing it looked new again.

Joey Wester

Oil painting restoration.  Client had this painting passed down from father hanging over fireplace in his Grand Living Room.  Restoration was completed after careful bonding and filler was done to create smooth surface to paint on. 


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